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Indie Spotlight On CK Anon

Posted by 710 EMG on December 5, 2016 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (2)

 Crazie K!D AnonYmouS, is the name this next artist goes by. I've actually had the pleasure of reviewing this artist's music a couple years back and I must say that he was my first 5 FLAME REVIEW! CK Anon hails from Philly, represents Philly, and is Philly to the core. Most people think of popular rap artists like Cassidy, Beanie Sigel, and Meek Mills when they hear Philly but I am one person that thinks of CK Anon first. This man is just simply RAW. From his lyrical artistry and vocabulary to his unique style, Crazie K!D AnonYmous is not the artist to sleep on. Check out his interview below.

710 EMG: Our team has been following you for several years now and we are impressed by your nonstop work ethic and passion for hip-hop. How long have you been a lyricist and when did you start rapping?

CK: Thank you for the support! I've been a lyricist for about 21 years now and have been rapping for 19 years. Professionally, for 14 years. Poetry was my first love at around 9 years old and I started rapping around 11 years old.

710 EMG: You're welcome! When did you realize that rapping was your gift?

CK: I started noticing that my lyrics and performances (battles, ciphers, and just rapping for people) were more magnetic than me just talking to folks. People wanted to hear what I had to say. That's when I realized it was a gift

710 EMG: When did you release your first song or album and are you an independent or signed?

CK: I'm an independent artist and my first record cut was when I was 16. The mixtape we called "NFR" or "No Fuckin Rap" (Laughter) Great times!

710 EMG: (Laughter) Nice mixtape name! How many albums or singles have you released to this date? Tell us about your latest release.

CK: I released a ton of singles, but to date, I have released 6 projects. Right now, I'm working on my 7th project called, "Stay Ready And Willing LP." I just released a single - available on iTunes, Spotify, and my BandCamp, Master Cee 11th Letter 3. The first single release for my first LP

710 EMG: Wow! You're 7th project? That is dope. A lot of artists have been inspired by another artist to pursue their dreams. What about you? Did an artist inspire you?

CK: My brother is my inspiration and I use other artists as study subjects. I have my own style and my own story to tell. I rap so good now because of my brother. Plus, I'm a fan of HipHop and Music. I'm like a gumbo. A bunch of different music and lyricism from artists just mixed in a pot made me.

710 EMG: Your brother must be one cold piece of work! Do you consider what you to be a form of art? We definitely do.

CK: I most definitely do as well 

710 EMG: Have you won any awards or been nominating for any awards during your career? 

CK: Sadly, no. I'm not sure if the right people that do award shows recognized me. I have yet gotten their attention. That's cool though. I'll just keep making dope shit happen. They'll catch up when they catch up.

710 EMG: Well, you definitely deserve an award. I've personally watched your grind for over 5 years now and I know that you bring that heat every time you release a record. Where do you see yourself at 3 years from now?

CK: Thank you and 3 years from now, I won't be worrying about cash flow as much as I do now. 

710 EMG: What about 6 years from now?

CK: 6 years from now, I hope to be doing tours more often and running my business. I hate that I have to work a dead end job to fund my dream but I refuse to give a bunch of my life to build someone else's dream and not work on my own.

710 EMG: Do you write without a beat or do you need a beat to write?

CK: I do both.

710 EMG: Before you write do you do any special warm-up ritual?

CK: (Laughter) Nah yo. I write according to my spirit. My soul might have a rhythm that I just write to or the beat strikes something in my spirit and I write to it.

710 EMG:  Are you a pen to paper writer or cell phone writer?

CK:  I'm old school. I'm strictly a pen and pad writer.

710 EMG: If one of us popped up on you while you are writing what would we see?

CK: You'll see me jamming and you'll want to join the world I'm creating. 

710 EMG: What do you have up your sleeve for your supporters? Any new projects in the works?

CK: I'm a consistent artist so I'm always putting out music. For my fans/supporters though, I will have exclusive merchandise and packages for those that been rocking with me for a while. Some give-a-ways and new videos coming soon too. I have "Stay Ready And Willing LP" coming 2017. It's gonna be fun!

710 EMG: Tell us something silly about yourself that most people don’t know.

CK: (Laughter) I make silly faces in the mirror and I sing Xmas songs to get me through the work day

710 EMG: Now, that is kind of funny! So what do prefer...water or soda?

CK: Water.

710 EMG: Meat Eater, Vegetarian, or Vegan?

CK: Omnivorous.

710 EMG: Chicken Noodle Soup with a _______________.

CK: SODA ON THE SIDE!! Let it rain, clear it out (laughter).

710 EMG: (Laughter) I knew you were going to finish the lyrics! Okay, so, are there any mainstream artists that you like and who is the mainstream artist that you least like?

CK: I'm feeling some mainstream artists. I'll only say one name, though. The Roots. They are the Kings of Philly. The mainstream artists that I least like, I won't say their names because that'll be promo for them. And...you know...phuck'em.

710 EMG: Readers that's how CK spells the F Bomb. So, like he said PHUCK'EM (laughter).

710 EMG: This year a couple of dope records dropped that were slept on and they should have received radio play. What are your thoughts on the music being played today on popular FM radio stations?

CK: It's a part of the game. Radio turned into big business. We can't even call to request dope music anymore. Nowadays, you have to create your own playlist or deal with this crap on your local urban radio. People out here are loving it, though, and the artists are feeding their families with it, so I can't hate. It's just not for me.

710 EMG: That is understood and I do feel you. So, what is your zodiac sign and do you believe in the characteristics that are tied to the signs?

CK: I'm a Cancer according to Greek, I'm a Tiger in Chinese, and I'm a Scarab in Ancient Kemet(Egypt) zodiac. All of them say the person under those signs are emotional and creative. I'm both. I'm a dreamer and my intuition is off the chain. I know it's called pseudoscience but we have yet to learn all the sciences of the Kemet people. They taught the Greeks...

710 EMG: Thanks for dropping that knowledge for our readers! Inquiring minds want to know if you are single, engaged, married, separated, or married to the music? Which one are you?

CK: (extreme laughter) Nobody wants to know that (more laughter). I'm in a relationship. Why would anybody wanna know MY relationship status? All I have is pretty teeth and a nice smile (laughter!). 

710 EMG: (Laughter) You don't know who is watching you. They are lurking but now they know that you are taken (more laughter). Well, it’s about time for us to wrap up this interview. Where can you be reached at and who is your favorite interviewer of all time? You don’t have to answer. I know it’s me!

CK: I'm best reached on twitter or Instagram @C_K_Anon. People can hit me on my facebook, search Crazie K!D AnonYmouS. YOU KNOW DAMN WELL you're my favorite interviewer!! 710 EMG, my family!! Continue to Stay RAW yall! Make sure if you're checking the interview to type in Master Cee 11th Letter 3 in your browser and place that song on your playlist!!

710 EMG: That's what I'm talking about! Now, y'all heard the man - put Master Cee 11th Letter 3 on your playlist!

Interviewer: Nikey Pasco-Dunston

The Video Will Be Added Shortly To Master Cee 11th Letter 3




Blizm aka Mr.. k-100

Posted by 710 EMG on December 5, 2016 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (1)

This is one interview that I've been waiting to do for quite some time now. For those of you that aren't familiar with BLIZM, allow me to introduce a true tycoon to you. Ron "BLIZM" Blue is more than just a radio personality. He is an established artist that has successfully sold over 20k albums independently and he is also the founder of Chainless Entertainment. Check the out interview below.

710 EMG: Finally, Word On The Streets catches up with BLIZM! 710 EMG has been keeping an eye on you and K-100 for years. I consider you to be an internet radio tycoon. How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

BLIZM: Well first, thanks for being apart of our growth. Every time anyone watches, listens or shares our content they are apart of the movement. Although I’ve been doing Internet radio for about 6 years, I have been involved with the industry for 17 years officially.

710 EMG: Wow, 17 years is a pretty long time! That alone is long enough to call you a vet in the game. What year did you establish K-100 Radio and what inspired you to do so?

BLIZM: I started first as a Facebook group really. I know that kind of crazy, but it's true. It was a private Facebook group named K100 (short for keeping it 100) that was off the chain and had some crazy conversations and posts (we got reported a few times). There would be so many comments people would say this should be a show. So, I started a podcast on BTR (Blog Talk Radio) and named it K-100 Radio. It started as almost exclusively talking segments about any and everything. That was in 2011. It became so popular I decided to add music to the situation by playing music with the talking. I figured since I had all these people listening, I could help expose some artists at the same time. It took off from there.

710 EMG: Yes, I remember the BTR podcast and it was off the chain! K-100 is a successful radio station. You literally have listeners from all over the world tuning in to the station and praising you. How does that make you feel?

BLIZM: It feels really good actually because I started the podcast as just another outlet to get content to people via the talk segments. What I didn’t know is that in doing so, the MUSIC end would take off because artists are starving for good platforms. So, once I decided to play music, which initially started out as indie music only, and I saw that people actually listened and supported it, I felt good that I could actually help other artists. I started just playing music from our label and a few people I rocked with but then once the word got out, the submissions came rolling in from everywhere.

710 EMG: And I can understand why they started to pour in - you're station is ill! Speaking of your show being so sick, “Ill or Kill” is my favorite segment from your station! I literally crack up laughing when I see artists mad at you because their record was “Killed” on Facebook Live. How do you feel when angry artists talk mess to you about not making the cut?

BLIZM: Well, "ILL or KILL" is the longest running music segment we have. It was the first totally all music focused segment I did when we were still just a podcast. So, it's older than the actual 24/7 live streaming entity we have now, by about 2 years actually. When artist get upset because their review wasn't accepted, I do in all honesty get annoyed simply because I don't ASK anyone to submit. You submit music knowing full well that could happen if it's not up to par. So, if you should be mad at anyone it should be yourself. As long as they don't get disrespectful, I don't mind it comes with the territory.

710 EMG: You couldn't have answered that any better - great answer. Are there any mainstream artists that you like and who is the mainstream artist that you least like?

BLIZM: Mainstream artists I like from the newer generation like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean I think all of them are dope. They all have sharp wordplay, they aren't clones making the same kind of music as everyone else rapping over the same redundant "trap beats". But I like many artists that have been around for years like T.I., Luda, Rick Ross, The Game...pretty much anyone with dope lyrics and great production choices that are original. What I don't like is the clone artist with basic wordplay, saturated by autotune who keep rapping over the same production. I don't have to name them, you know who they are.

710 EMG: You're right. I do know EXACTLY who they are. This year a couple of dope records dropped that were slept on and they should have received radio play. What are your thoughts on the music being played today on popular FM radio stations?

BLIZM: We exist and get listeners because people for years have been sick of the programming at FM Radio. When the number one station in New York sounds like everything that they play is from the west side of Atlanta, that's a problem. When only one female rap artist has received most of the spins on urban FM radio for like over half a decade, that is a problem. Although you do have some great music that gets played on FM, the rotation is just simply too short and narrow.

710 EMG: I absolutely agree with you BLIZM. I was just in New York last year at the 2015 Underground Hip Hop Awards and not only was their radio stations heavily saturated with the "ATL sound" but the independent artists that performed ALSO had the Atlanta sound. It was pretty disappointing. So, have you ever considered joining the FM family? If not, why?

BLIZM: I just don’t think I would be a good fit on FM radio, mainly because of the censorship and politics. I would piss off the general public with honest comments, rack up some FCC fines, and then a lot of labels wouldn’t like me because I won’t lie to them about their artists music. I also would keep it real about social and political issues, so I would end up getting fired in like a month. Now, XM Radio I would consider because it is much more flexible.

710 EMG: XM Radio would be perfect for K100! You should see about expanding to that platform in the near future. I understand that you wear many hats over at K-100. What is everything that you do for K-100 Radio?

BLIZM: That would be pretty much everything honestly. I created it, so I am the creator and the Program Director. I went to school for Media Production so I produce the show segments and live broadcast. I'm the Music Director and Technical Director because I set all of the gear up and set up all the streaming hardware and software and I also add the music for rotation. Not to mention I am the head of marketing since I designed the logo, the flyers, and handle the website and social media accounts for the broadcast. Since we know I'm also an on-air personality by way of the "ILL or KILL" segment. Yeah, I say I pretty much do it all.

710 EMG: Do you need an assistant? Someone out there might read this interview and hit you up!

BLIZM: I could always use a hand in promotions and marketing because those are things I didn’t go to school for. The technical side always comes easy for me because of my formal training in media production and that is the same for the music as well because I came into the industry as an artist and producer. We are always looking for people who want to intern and learn more about internet radio and the industry in general.

710 EMG: Your radio station really takes the cake! Have you won any awards or been nominated for any awards due to your prodigious performance under K-100?

BLIZM: We have won a few and have been nominated for many others. We won the 2016 SEA Award for Best Radio Station, the 2015 SCM Award for best Internet Radio Station, the 2014 ATL’s Hottest Award for best Radio broadcast. The “ILL or KILL” segment is nominated for a Grinder of The Year Award, and the broadcast is again nominated for another SEA Award for 2017. We have been nominated for several others like North Florida Music Award, Bigga Rankin’s Diamond Award and much more. 

710 EMG: Nice and congratulations! Building from the dirt up is usually the toughest part of construction. Do you have any advice for anyone who aspires to be where you are today?

BLIZM: Well, I can say that my years of industry experience and professional training and schooling really helped me make K-100 Radio what it is. So, the first thing I would say is to educate yourself and get out in the world and learn from grinding. I had a lot of support right off the bat once I decided to make K-100 Radio a live streaming broadcast that runs 24/7 because I had built relationships from years of networking in the industry before I even had the idea. So, networking is key. Again, the broadcast is only 6 years old, but it’s really 17 years worth of work. And surround yourself with like-minded people.

710 EMG: Great advice! Is there anything else that you do in the entertainment industry that we don’t know about?

BLIZM: If you research me then you can find out most of what I do. One search of my name and you'll realize that before K-100 Radio, I was a pretty accomplished indie artist. I am also a producer, recording engineer, video editor, all of which I learned while in school for media production. Along the way, I picked up doing graphic design, and later writing articles as a music blogger. Some of that people don’t know, but most of it is public information.

710 EMG: Google the man y'all! Google BLIZM. Now let’s talk near-future attainable goals. Where do you see yourself at 3 years from now?

BLIZM: I would still like to be the Program Director at K-100 Radio but I would like for the content to be on a larger scale. Like I said, I would live to get a foot in the door with XM Radio somehow. I also would love to get to a point where we can generate enough income with the broadcast so that I can do just that full time. Hopefully, we can get there one day, Internet radio is NOT a cash cow, it really is a passion company.

710 EMG: I wish you much success on your future endeavors! Do you have any new projects in the works?

BLIZM: We are still piecing together the first music venture that is officially a K-100 Radio music project, a compilation album featuring various indie artist from all over. We have released two singles so far, the first was “Salt and Pepper” a song with me and R&B artist, Jebron. We also shot a video for that with a few special appearances by people like Shawty Shawty The comedian and The Kangol Kid from UTFO. Also, a song called “ILL” featuring artists MicxSic, Bam, and Nex God. I’m looking forward to completing that in 2017. 

710 EMG: Now, that sounds real dope! Make sure y'all check out BLIZM's new song and video 'Salt and Pepper" too! Tell us something silly about yourself that most people don’t know.

BLIZM: I’m such a public personality that there isn’t much people don’t know about me. One look at my social media pages like Facebook or Instagram and you can tell what I love, what I like to do and what I am passionate about. Anything else is something I wouldn’t say in an interview (laughter) ..sorry. 

710 EMG: (laughter) Well, I think you have made that clear!  So, what do you prefer? Water or Soda?

BLIZM: Water if it’s bottled. I stopped drinking sodas long ago. I do love juices, all kinds orange juice, apple juice, grape juice. I’m a juice drinker, but sometimes I indulge in Sweet Tea (I’m from the South, duh) and lemonade.

710 EMG: (laughter) You are a trip. Are you a meat eater, vegetarian, or vegan?

BLIZM: Even though I don’t look it, at 230lbs, I don’t eat red meat or pork. I haven’t in over 15 years. I do eat fish, turkey, and chicken though. So, I am not vegan. I like eggs and cheese too much and milk.

710 EMG: You're a pretty healthy man. That;'s great!  So, I have to hear your response to this. Chicken Noodle Soup with a _______________.

BLIZM: As long as it's not from a can (except Progresso) I need crackers and juice on the side.

710 EMG: That's right. No junk food on the side. Now you know that the ladies love BLIZM like they loved LL! Inquiring minds want to know if Blizm is single, engaged, separated, or married to the game?

BLIZM: Ha! You guys are really digging now! I am in a relationship yes. I am not married yet but we have been together a while so who knows!

710 EMG: Welp! Ladies, he's a happily taken tycoon. Love is beautiful and I am happy for the both of you. Well, it’s about time for us to wrap up this interview. Where can you be reached at and who is your favorite interviewer of all time? You don’t have to answer. I know it’s me! (laughter)

BLIZM: Any and all information about me or K-100 Radio is on our website www.K100Radio.com This interview was great! Thanks for letting me be apart of your platform!

Interviewer: Nikey Pasco-Dunston

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