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Praise The Poet - Justen Hayes

Posted by 710 EMG on December 7, 2016 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (19)

After a lot of thought and close observation, we decided to do a special highlight on and up-and-coming author/poet by the name of Justen Hayes. Many people reach out to me daily on social media about publishing, management, and even advice on starting their own business but no one is usually serious. When Mr. Hayes reached out to me some time ago on Facebook I did not get that vibe at all. In fact, I knew her was serious. He was pretty persistent about taking his career as a writer to the next level and he touched bases with me on a regular basis. I eventually checked out his work and was impressed by his wordplay and delivery. The man has talent! 

Currently, Mr. Justen Hayes is working on a poetic chronicle of his life that he plans on turning into an actual book. I am excited for him! Below is a brief interview that I conducted on Justen Hayes as well as a poem for you to view. We at 710 EMG wish you much success on your future endeavors!

Let the interview begin!

710 EMG: Our team has been following your work for quite some time now and we are impressed by your nonstop work ethic and passion. How long have you been writing?

Justen Hayes: I have been writing for 16 years

710 EMG:  When did you realize that writing was your gift?

Justen Hayes: I would say around 13 when I was able to be myself through my words and impress my 9th grade teacher Miss Barnes (not an easy thing to do). 

710 EMG: A lot of writers/authors have been inspired by another author to pursue their dreams. What about you? Did an author inspire you?

Justen Hayes: I have not published anything as of yet but I intend on publishing a book called "The Military Chronicles" next year.

710 EMG: A lot of writers/authors have been inspired by another author to pursue their dreams. What about you? Did an author inspire you?

Justen Hayes: Yes, actually. You ma'am with all of your positivity and showing me a dream can be reached if you claim it.

710 EMG: Wow, thank you! I am glad to be an inspiration to you. So, where do you see yourself at 3 years from now?

Justen Hayes: A successful writer, activist, job creator, and an overall better person. I hope the example I set will be one my son can be proud of.

710 EMG: Your son is already proud of you - believe me. Children view their parents as superheros and they place their parents on high platforms. Trust and believe that your child is already proud of his dad (smile). So, where do you see yourself at 6 years from now?

Justen Hayes: I'm going to be married, have a few businesses, write in all types of categories, and be a traveler of the world. I definitely don't see myself staying in one place.

710 EMG: That's a great plan! Before you write do you do any special warm-up ritual?

Justen Hayes: Not really. I am more of an in the moment kind of writer. I could be in traffic and hear something that sparks an idea. I do write a lot from my car.

710 EMG: Okay, so are you a pen to paper writer or fingers to keyboard kind of writer?

Justen Hayes: Definitely a keyboard guy. On the phone that is. I might be in a movie and want to jot something down real quick or at a bar and catch the vibe I'm in.

710 EMG: If one of us popped up on you while you are writing what would we see?

Justen Hayes: Music playing with a smirk on my face. Other parts of that observance are scenario specific (laughter).

710 EMG: What do you have up your sleeve for your readers? Any new projects in the works?

Justen Hayes: I am building up a collection of poetry that I am putting out. Check my page out on facebook Kindred Poetry Session for a look at what I'm putting down and I have an autobiography I'm working on as well.  

710 EMG: I'm sure that they will both be a success. Tell us something silly about yourself that most people don’t know.

Justen Hayes: I am a closet Dawson's Creek and Friends fan. I know both theme songs by heart. Hope I didn't lose too many cool points for that (laughter).

710 EMG: (Laughter) You totally lost all cool points! No, I am just playing with you (more laughter). So ,what do you prefer? Water or Soda?

Justen Hayes: Soda all day! Who loves soda? Justen loves orange soda (laughter).

710 EMG: (Laughter)  Are you a meat eater, vegetarian, or vegan?

Justen Hayes: I'm a meat eater for sure. I am a southern man. We don't survive on veggies alone (laughter).

710 EMG: We all know that southern men love their chicken and steak (laughter).

710 EMG: Chicken Noodle Soup with a _______________.

Justen Hayes: Saltines Crackers.

710 EMG: (laughter) Crackers? You were supposed to say with an Orange Soda on the side! So, what is your favorite song of 2016?

Justen Hayes: The Chainsmokers "Don't Let Me Down". The vibe is crazy whenever I hear this song.

710 EMG: Ah...you're an EDM listener? Very interesting! What is your zodiac sign?

Justen Hayes: Taurus

710 EMG: Inquiring minds want to know if you are single, engaged, married, separated, or married to the literary game? Which one are you?

Justen Hayes: Hmmm. I'll say married to the literary game with some single moments (laughter). 

710 EMG: Well, it’s about time for us to wrap up this interview. Where can you be reached at and who is your favorite interviewer of all time? You don’t have to answer. I know it’s me!

Justen Hayes: I can be reached on Twitter at @jthay25. On Facebook you can find me by searching Kindred Poetry Session, Military Chronicles, and Justen Hayes. Drop me a line. And you already know what it is!! I didn't even realize we were having an interview. That's how good you are!

710 EMG: (Laughter) Thank you and thank you for your time. It was great interviewing you and we look forward to seeing more from Justen Hayes!

Trust Me

We're on the ledge, fire burning behind us. I see the fear in your eyes and we have nowhere to go seemingly. I smile, for God gave me a partner to make it through the flames with. Favor comes through faith, even in the midst of our burning building. Look at my heart and know we will prevail. I embrace you at the center and assure you no harm as you hold onto mine as we jump off, hand in hand. We live by faith and not by sight. Trust me....

Written by, 

Justen Hayes

Interviewer: Nikey Pasco-Dunston