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Scars: Steps To Queenism


'Scars: Steps To Queenism' is a highly inspirational and authentic story about an innocent child growing up not only as an 80s baby but having to practically raise herself in the streets of Boston -- alone. How do you think a young girl will turn out in her adult life after being subjected to sexual abuse, domestic violence, and even abandonment? How do you think a young girl will turn out after going years with PTSD, Anxiety, and depression untreated? People turn out different ways but find out about how this young girl overcame her struggles and beat the odds. This is an urban non-fiction story that intertwines self-help to bring out the best in us all. 'Scars' will take you on a ride through inner healing by helping you eliminate your emotional scars.



KINDLE:  www.amazon.com/Scars-Queenism-Nikey-Pasc o-Dunston/dp/1535066652/

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