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The Good Wife


Due to a nasty infidelity scandal and ultimate betrayal, the beautiful marriage that Dahlia and Hassan once had slowly decays right before their eyes. With Hassan's ex-wife Mercedes in the way - the web of deceit slowly spins. Mercedes uses her dirty secret over Hassan's head to get what she wants which corners him and has him caught up in a web of lies. Dahlia stands alone and is temporarily blind to what is happening since she wants nothing more but to save the marriage that she put her life savings into as well as her time. After years of trying to convince Hassan to attend marriage counseling he suddenly agrees and even suggests a good therapist by the name of Dr. Chapman. Things seemed to be back on track until death slowly crept in. An unidentified body is found near the Savannah River in Augusta, Georgia, and all evidence points at one particular person. The body is found not too long after Dahlia was betrayed and cheated on by the love of her life and stalked by Hassan's mistresses. Now that a dead body is found and money is owed, who is to blame?

It's not easy being wife #2 and that's why the line must be drawn at some point. Maybe it takes a bullet to the head or a dissevered internal jugular vein to prove a point. Never play with a person's emotions! In this twisted game of betrayal who is going to make it out alive and in one piece in the end? Open the book and lets begin...



SMALL PAPERBACK (4x6):  www.nikeypasco.com/books

KINDLE:  www.amazon.com/Good-Wife-Nikey-Pasco-Dun ston-ebook/dp/B01LWQ9O59/

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