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Luxury Box


Naja Carpentier is a Clayton State University School of Nursing graduate and successful entrepreneur, with a dark past that she has been hiding for years.18 months, after graduation, Naja makes a pricey investment to open Luxury Box; a high-end model company that mainly serves the rich and the famous. She then hires her longtime friends, Shakema and Ahyoka, to help her keep the business afloat.


Everything seemed to be going smoothly until she finds out that Jadiel, her boyfriend of 4 years, has been keeping a deadly secret from her that could potentially bring out the mortal secret that she has been hiding for 7 years. Will these dangerous secrets tear them apart or strengthen their forbidden bond? Sex, lies, betrayal, and deceit -- all good things must come to an end and sometimes the ending is bloody because...what Naja wants, Naja gets.


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